Album Watch: A "Tour Edition" Missing "Tour" Tracks

Friday, October 31, 2008

Talk about duping fans...Kylie Minogue has climbed aboard the re-releasing money milking train by "re-vamping" her recent effort, X as a "Tour Edition". Note the quotes. When you hear "tour edition" doesn't that give you the sense that new/B-sides/rares would be added to make it feel like a special package worthy of the bucks? Apparently someone on Team Kylie didn't get that Post-It note memo. Apparently they thought that issuing a second disc of nothing but ten remixes of the X singles was going to be sufficient enough. Pfft! Call me greedy, but Kylie has gobs and gobs of throw-aways from the X sessions...why not put on "King Or Queen", "Cherry Bomb", "Rippin' Up The Disco"...something?! Also for the heckle of it why not go ahead and add new songs from I don't know...the tour? A quick Google search brought to my attention songs, "Flower" and "That's Why They Write Love Songs" which are on the setlist for Kylie's current XTour2008. As an American Kylie fan it's excruciatingly hard to even purchase a Kylie album in a store (you get odd looks) so whenever such a thing as a "tour edition" is mentioned, let the salivation begin! Well, my mouth is parched because they couldn't even come up with the idea to record the show and release it on disc, like they did last year for the Showgirl Homecoming Tour...
If you want to make a pointless, money grabbing re-packaged album, at least tack on two or three tracks to make it worth the import cost...not plaster on four remixes of "In My Arms"....jeez. The Tour Edition of X will be available to Aussies on November 29th and elsewhere December 1st.

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