All The Way Live: I Will Gladly 'Rock Wit' Janet

Thursday, October 23, 2008

While most have doubted Janet Jackson's musical gandure with measly selling albums and her bouts with her last record label Def Jam, you cannot stand up straight and say that Janet Jackson isn't a true blue entertainer. I really dare anyone to challenge that statement, and if you say otherwise, I will say bluntly: "Well you weren't at the show last night, so sit down and get 'disciplined'." Last night, I (along with my divas) had the pleasure of soaking in the sights and sound spectacle of Janet's RockWitchu Tour. And by golly, WHAT A SHOW! While some were more concerned about how many seats Janet filled and about a concealed live band (case in point this old-timer arse from the Dallas Morning News), it really isn't about's about the joy of being involved in a rip-roaring two hour pyro popping and greatest hits rundown showcase. Janet, donned in a bizarre blend of Tron and Lion King-esque garb, kept in step and danced her fanny off through a bevy of hits old and new. The pop and crackle of fireworks and fireballs introduced us into personal favorite, "The Pleasure Principle" and it was evident that we were in for one high-energy night. Almost every hit in Janet's catalog was covered and new tracks such as "Feedback" and "Rock Wit U" got time in the spotlight. As mentioned before, Janet even performed songs that she hadn't done in say...decades, and they were the disco-funk fests of "Young Love" and "Say You Do". Janet also did a signature ballads segment while she crooned through, "Again", "Let's Wait Awhile" and "Come Back To Me". Janet even unleashed that sexual beast within her as she brought one lucky guy on stage during track "Discipline" for a little S&M action (cheeky and hot!). I have a feeling everyone in the audience felt dirty or enthralled after seeing that spectacle! To my eyes, Janet didn't miss a beat and there wasn't an inkling of her having an illness that forced her to cancel a string of concerts earlier this month. She did sound strain on a few songs and often relied on pre-recorded vocals, but we must all remember that high energy dancing and singing you can't always be in sync. Janet closed the show with an electrifying "Black Cat" and sported classic dance moves on "Rhythm Nation". She of course came back out for an encore and came full circle with songs "Luv" and "Runaway".

While Janet didn't play to a sold-out crowd at the American Airlines Center, the place was still packed with Janet admirers and the energy was felt. Since the show wasn't a full house, my divas and I had some luck with our tickets. Once we got there, our tickets were upgraded from balcony level to floor kidding! The show did bring one small disappointment, as opening act, rapper and Mr. Sexy Pants, LL Cool J was a no-show even though he was advertised to be at the venue last night. Shame...

Still, Janet brought the heat and put on one hell of a show. I have been a Janet fan since I was a child and I had been vying to see her live, and while concert DVD's have been sufficient, once you experience Janet in the flesh with sweat flinging everywhere, it just doesn't compare anymore!

It's unclear at this point if this is Janet's last hurrah on the road (as she's struggling to sell albums and gain hit singles at this point in her career) but Janet proved on this tour that she will always have alot of folks imitate her but there is only one Janet Jackson, and she will always rock it!

{Picture Credits: Minus the top photo...all of these were all taken by my diva, Lindsay...the last pic is me and my divas out in front of the AA Center in Dallas, Texas: me, Lindsay, Guyna and Brittany...I'm the one on the far left with the glasses on, if you really cared!}

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