Divas In The Doldrums

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Call it "getting old" or "coming to grips with reality" but these days I'm not usually impressed by simple music video fodder anymore. Especially from artists whom have done much better in the past. Maybe it's hard to live up to what you've done prior or your Ideas Wishing Well just went dry, whatever the case, some excuses can't be given and you just have to fess up and say that you are in a slump. Case in point, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. Two great vocal performers whom have proven themselves to be top notch entertainers that will no doubt have their names in the music history books. But let's just hope these monstrosities are left out of the black and white print....

Mariah Carey's "I Stay In Love" is the 4th (and hopefully last painful knife stab) single from her now fully burned turkey, E=MC2. The black and white styled video was directed by cornball husband, actor Nick Cannon and it could have been something worthwhile and memorable, but comes off stale and recalls a smidge of time when Mariah was in her prime. I'm talking about the video for semi-single, "Breakdown". Did Mariah really think she could fool her fans into thinking this was fresh as a opened bag of Doritoes chips? Even some parts feel like "Bringin' On The Heartbreak"...also bravo for product placement, as Mariah douses on her signature fragrance (which smells yummy by the way) during the beginning of the vid. While the blowing up of a car is quite entertaining, this isn't Fast and The Furious...this is a Mariah Carey video and it stinks.

After getting married, having a baby and taking a two year sabbatical, you would think Christina Aguilera would be brimming with fresh, new and exciting ideas. Then she dons a Lady GaGa-esque wig and you have to shake your head and go...nope, she can't bring it. While we'll have to wait till next year before X-Tina proves she's still got it when unleashes a brand new album, we are now stuck with "Keeps Getting Better" a sort of warm-up to what is to come from the new album. The song isn't Christina's best bet by a longshot, but it's got some spunk in it's junk...still the video is quite a garbled mess of scenarios, fashion changes and colored wigs. Even Christina herself looks mighty bored throughout the vid...possibly wondering if things aren't "getting better".

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