First Impressions: Come Inside Pink's Not-So Fun House

Monday, October 20, 2008

No one can really do amusing and untamed pop-rock like Pink. After walking around way-ward with her R&B beginnings (2001's Can't Take Me Home) and then trying to out-do the monster success of "Get This Party Started", Pink glided back into a fine form with 2006's I'm Not Dead. Now after a divorce (from extreme sports athlete, Carey Hart) and a stint in rehab, Pink returns with Funhouse. With all these burdens, you would assume that Pink goes into a rip-rolling snide fest. And well, you're guess is right. She does exude some bitterness in her situations such as in the ram-bam Janis Joplin horn fused, "One Foot Wrong" and the jangling, "Sober". But there is still a undertone of forgiveness as told in songs like the stirring piano acapella, "Glitter In The Air" (where we are reminded that Pink indeed has a vocal range). The lead off single, "So What" recalls those "Don't Let Me Get Me" days as does the bouncy and snazzy, "Bad Influence". What you come away with Funhouse is that Pink hasn't lost her touch, but there is nothing vaguely new from what she's serving up. In fact, with my second listen, I was drawing comparisons to I'm Not Dead and even 2002's Missundaztood. The album title is very duping (even though the title track is a hot little habenero) drawing you to think that Pink just decided to let loose and have a good ol' time and not even talk about her current demons. Well, it wouldn't be a Pink album if there wasn't some sort of personal drama laced in the lyrics! Funhouse is typical Pink fare, but still rather enjoyable considering the fact that Pink doesn't beat around the bush with brash rock 'em sock 'em pop.

Rating: 8.0/10
Release Date: October 21, 2008

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