First Impressions: Welcome To Bryn's World

Friday, October 31, 2008

By now the Motown/60's soul sound revival may feel as if you've you noshed on a bowl of stale Cap'n Crunch. But like the matter how old it's shelf life, you'll still find yourself diggin' your hand in for a taste. Same can be said for British's newest import, Bryn Christopher. Touted as the male equivalent of Amy Winehouse (sans the nose candy), Bryn first gained attention from having his single, "The Quest"(a tounge n' cheek ode to the War In Iraq) played at the tail end of the Grey's Anatomy season finale this past summer. Now with his newly released debut album, My World, in tow, Bryn makes us all feel thankful that there are some real men out there gracing our ears with some good old-fashioned testosterone fuel soul. On My World, Bryn shows the young-in's how it's done right from the first frenzied blast of "Help Me". He follows that fiery sound up with latest single, "Smilin'" and the intricate, "Sour Times" and from there you're instantly attracted. My World takes on a Marvin Gaye/Sam Cooke vibe considering that Bryn's raw vocals are similar in style to these soul patriarchs. Tracks such as the pulsating title track and bluesy guitar funk of "Found A New Love" will make that notion ring true. While Bryn Christopher isn't doing anything that we haven't heard from the likes of Raphael Saddiq, James Morrison and even John Legend, but it's all in the presentation of My World as it is one of the best soul offerings you'll hear this year. Rich, classy and downright funky, Bryn Christopher and his debut posesses all the right moves and sounds for a star in the making.

Rating: 9.0/10

He is quite the Mr. Sexy Pants....mhmm...his vocals and mannerisms with the microphone also remind me of Terence Trent D'Arby during The Hardline years....


  1. Bryn Christopher is amazing, I've featured him on my site a time or two. He so talented, so much talent is coming to the surface over her.


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