The Gospel: Is There A Need For 'Thriller 2' ?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Some figured that with buzzings of Michael Jackson's comeback, it was obvious that he was going to make a Thriller 2...apparently some people are suckers. There have been claims that the King of Pop will be releasing a new disc this year. Even with false hope of the summer leak, the wimpy Akon produced, "Hold My Hand" some folks were holding out hope. I'm holding my breath as everything has been mum in Jackson-ville since the song drop. Still my question is...can Michael really "comeback" after all these years and still wow us all? I agree with this comment I saw off of a random blog:

When you have so many people stealing your style, you're thinking, how the
hell can I come out & compete with my younger self...
So damn can Michael Jackson compete with kiddos half of his age? Even if he came out with a killer album a la Tina Turner's 1984 comeback of Private Dancer...would people still be checking for him? He just turned 50 this past August and well...he probably can't do the Moonwalk as smooth as he could before. Even the late James Brown couldn't do those splits in his later the naive younger generation wouldn't even appreciate it if he did come back, they have cone head Ne-Yo and Chris Brown whom are mini-MJ clones...who's wants this pale geezer with a sparkly white glove? They want fresh meat...not overused goods, even if MJ did start the blueprint for which a majority of the artists on the charts today are using.

Black Eyed Peas member and producer, Will.I.Am is saying that MJ fans shouldn't be creaming in their pants for a comeback album...because well in all frankness...Michael just can't do it anymore. Will.I.Am is saying this because he's been working with MJ for five years on this so-called comeback record and he's probably exhausted. 5 years?! didn't even take MJ, Rod Temperton and Quincy Jones that long to create Thriller...but maybe that's because Will.I.Am is no Quincy Jones, and him and Akon didn't do anything to make purchasing the current Thriller 25th anniversary edition worth the gas money. Still we must remember that MJ didn't have all that controversy and child molestation charges against him back in the early 80's...he was still checking into hotel rooms with Webster at the time. *cringes* Still, I wouldn't want MJ to do the second chapter of Thriller or even try to come back to his old tricks....let the magic of 1982 withstand the test of time...

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