The Gospel: The Royal Court...Who Is Really Of Monarch Proportions?

Monday, October 13, 2008

In the playing card deck of music we have alot of Queens and Kings. Still all the cards can't get along...just ask these Queens...Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner are battling it out for the crown...for what I ask? Apparently, Aretha Franklin is still a little miffed over Beyonce's "slip-up" of naming Tina Turner as "the Queen" at the 2008 Grammys back in February. She got even more miffed when Tina commented (or rather joked) that Aretha had a "big ego" if she didn't want to share the title with the other queens and kings out there in music land. Now Aretha has just beaten the dead horse by still talking about it...while she keeps on yapping with hot wing in hand (tasteless joke), we have to look at it as Tina was right. There are many queens in different genres of music...we've got the Queen of Pop, Madonna, then the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul, Mary J. Blige and we all know that Aretha is the Queen of Soul and Tina is the Queen of Rock N' Roll/Soul...still does it really matter?? And what happens twenty-years from now, would someone replace Aretha as the Queen of Soul or will she always be 'the queen' of that genre? Still sometimes do they just tack on a title just to get a rise from the listening public? I remember when Ashanti was the Princess of Hip-Hop/R&B and look at her career....*crickets* And for the Michael Jackson truly the King Of Pop? And does Elvis Presley even have the title of King of Rock N' Roll...or should it go to Little Richard or Jimi Hendrix? On my Robin Thicke, Something Else album, a sticker reads: "The current King Of Soul". The current "king"?? I guess once James Brown kicked the bucket we're already ready to toss him out...Jeez, let's be all one happy royal flush! So while I think it boils down to the record sales, awards and of course the longevity of a singer and how much they've attributed to music over the years...there shouldn't be any's all in the luck of the draw. So chill out Aretha, you're still the Queen of Soul...Tina just has ya covered in the Rock 'N Roll department...See I told yall, Beyonce always starts some shit...

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