The Gospel: SNL Gives Adele A Lil' Push

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aside from that wack job hussy known as Sarah Palin and an uncomfortable looking Mark Wahlberg, quiet soul trooper Adele made an appearance on Saturday Night Live last week to well...let us all know that there is some maturity still out there. British folk-soul vocalist, Adele was fortunate enough to be the musical guest on the highest rated and most watched SNL in...years. The outcome of this? Adele's debut album 19 was #1 on iTunes yesterday and there is rumor of her album selling very well in US markets by week's end. This has sparked a curious question: Will Adele finally be getting the recognition she deserves due to this exposure? I feel that some people took long Garfield like cat-naps when it came to Adele, as the girl has had her debut out on American shores since June. Now come October, everyone is now interested because she was on the SNL that happened to have Vice-Presidential candidate, Palin? Pish posh! I understand it takes some longer strides to climb to the top. I also understand that Adele's brand of soul isn't for everyone, so kiddos who are into Lil' Wayne and Danity Kane, need not apply...these sounds are a bit too much for your pre-mature brains to handle. But what I don't understand is what took people so long? We could be answering that question forever, so I'll just stick to knowing that I was digging "Chasing Pavements" before we even knew who Palin was. Ah, well, I can't gauge the speed and quality public's musical knowledge, I am but a mere blogger *sigh* All in all, this is indeed a heads up on how sometimes being in the right place at the right time pays off.

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