Janet Digs A Little Deeper For Set List

Monday, October 20, 2008

As the days keep inching closer to when I will be seeing Janet Jackson's Rock Witchu Tour, I got a little curious. Curious to the point of me wanting to know what the dance n' song diva was actually performing on this tour. I'm a firm believer in being surprised when going to a concert and not knowing what songs are to be performed...but even the firm ones have weak moments. So of course I checked out the set-list and was blown away that Janet is not only digging into her Control and Rhythm Nation crates, but actually diggin' up the goodies from her very first efforts, 1982's Janet Jackson and 1984's Dreamstreet. Talk about a 'pleasure principle'! Clearly, this will leave some uninformed fans out in the pasture as these two albums have been the bain of Janet's existence for years as well as being some hard to find black wax. Still it's quite comforting to know that Janet will not be shoving down our throats the mediocre filler songs of Discipline, but actually giving us something us long-time Janet Junkies can feel.

Let's review shall we?

*Say You Do (Janet Jackson, 1982): The third single from Janet's self-titled debut. At first listen it is automatically lodged in brain that this sounds like a reject of something brother, Michael Jackson could've concocted during the Off The Wall era. But after a couple of listens, it's actually quite funky and catchy. It actually got some high chart action on the R&B charts...peaking at #15. Not shabby.

*Young Love (Janet Jackson, 1982): Written by popular R&B duo, Rene Moore and Anglea Winbush (whom together produced the majority of the album), "Young Love" was Janet Jackson's debut single and it got to the #6 position on the R&B charts. This song I heard of back when VH1 did a special on American Bandstand...and it was my first intro to knowing that Janet had a disco past! I've always kind of liked this song...Janet's exudes alot of spunk on this.

*Don't Stand Another Chance (Dreamstreet, 1984): Here we get to actually see Janet perform this song from her second album, Dreamstreet. Here we can see and hear an smidge of that Control fire as this track (written by brother Marlon Jackson) showcases how Janet went from doing poppy disco into synthesized funk. Oh, the times were 'a changin'!

Hmm....this is got me in the mood to scour Google and see if I can get my hands on some old as dirt B-sides from Miss Jackson...

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