Quote Me Baby!: Duffy Finds Inspiration In Sister Mary Clarence

Friday, October 31, 2008

"My first introduction to soul music was, believe it or not, 'Sister
-Duffy, her response when she was asked on morning show, The View where her musical influences came from. View hostess and Sister Act actress, Whoopi Goldberg gave a very confused look after Duffy confessed this.

*Oh, Duffy....at least she didn't say Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin like every one else does...*whistles*


  1. At least it was an original answer, I bet no one expected her to say anything like that.

    Duffy is awesome, her album is going to be re-released soon with extra tracks on it. It seems everyone is re-releasing at the moment, for example: Duffy, Leona, Adele, etc.

  2. omg. i don't believe she said that. good on her! love her. i think they would be wise to re-release "rockferry" with a couple more up-tempo numbers. it's going to be hard for her label to promote follow-up singles.



    p.s. feeling the new layout jen! .. it is a little slow to load, but worth it.

  3. Yeah, I'm actually kind of glad she said it, I mean, we would never hear certain somebodies I will not name say something like this...plus Whoopi was awesome in that movie...we also must remember that Lauryn Hill was in the 2nd 'Sister Act', talk about influence!

    Will, oh yes about the uptempos! I think the new single, "Rain On My Parade" is a little more up-tempo, though it sounds a tad like "Mercy" to me...

    http://adventuresofanaudiodiva.blogspot.com/2008/10/first-impressions-mercys-got-play.html ---to listen :)

    Thanks about the layout (actually thank Suck My Lolly), sorry about the load, I'm trying my best not to add a whole bunch of side bar crap to this blog to avoid loading probs...LOL


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