Snippets Are Not To Be Trusted...Justin Will Never Cut The Cord

Monday, October 13, 2008

Audio snippets are the spawn of Satan. Why would I want to listen to a grainy one minute and fifteen second audio where I can't make out a chorus or even a few of the verses? Give me all or nothing...that's my motto. So that's why I was pleased as Crystal Light fruit punch that this roving snippet of a "new" Justin Timberlake piece called, "Steppin' Out Tonight" was actually not even pristine and new as a majority of duped bloggers were claiming. Actually the track was a throw-away from the Justified sessions...and let me just say I smelled something fishy when I heard it. First off, the track is a pure jubilant slap of funky bass...think Earth, Wind and Fire...and well, I at first thought...oh, snap, Justin cut the umbilical cord that is Timbaland, all righty!...then I thought...naw, he's still a bitch for Timbo, he couldn't go back to this funky disco so soon. So of course this was fake up the whoo-ha, and by golly I was right. Still while I've had imaginary history with Justin Timberlake for a good ten years that ended in a sudden divorce, it'd be interesting to hear what the boy has cooked up for a third installment because these little young-ins *cough* The Jonas Brothers *cough* just isn't cuttin' it for some serious pop. The devil will tempt you with snippets, don't resist!

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