Song Stuck In My Head: Grace Jones-"Private Life"

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Private Life"-Grace Jones (1980)

So what if it's a cover of a great Pretenders song? Grace Jones makes it her own as she Reggae-fies it and gives a sinister vocal performance on it, well, she is quite sinister herself but in a good way. "Private Life" is off of her 1980 album, Warm Leatherette and it was Grace's first album to not feature the disco sounds from her earlier offers. I believed she worked with producers Sly & Robbie on this...I love the spooky synths and how Grace sarcastically spits out the lyrics...and they are some fab lyrics:

Jai les glands with your theatrics
Your actings a drag
Its ok on tv cause you can turn it off
But don't try me
Yes your marriage is a tragedy
But its not my concern
I'm very superficial I hate anything official
Golly...I wish I could be disinterested like that. Sometimes I do grow weary of hearing certain people's drama, especially if it's just some drab drama of "my boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on me"...who cares, you should've known they were a ho-bag and I told you so. Chrissie Hynde, from the Pretenders, just told it like it is in these lyrics. Ah...private life drama baby leave me out, is my catchphrase of the week...View Grace in all of her fascinating creepiness...

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