Spin Me Right Round: Contagious Indeed

Monday, October 6, 2008

There is something magically delicious about Taja Sevelle's 1987 self-titled album. As I thought I knew each and every Prince Protege right down to Mazerati and Da Krash, I seemed to miss the curly haired soprano. By chance, I stumbled on this and was taken into a funky little wonderland of songs. With the lead off of long-lost hit, "Love Is Contagious" leading the pack (you either think it's annoying or a brilliant piece of pop--I pick the later) and the tricky funk of "Wouldn't You Love To Love Me", Taja Sevelle makes a good first impression. When looking at Taja, what instantly came to my mind was "Zomg! She looks like Mariah Carey...and *gasp* sorta sounds like her!"...now it's silly to compare, but I swear Mariah must've heard, the bone chilling blues of "How Could You Treat Me So Bad" and got the idea for "Vision Of Love"...I'm just saying...Still Taja is an interesting blip in the 1980's diva timeline as she possessed the voice, a edgy tomboy into a little black dress look and shock of shocks...she could bust a move. She suffered the fate of having a lifespan of a typical protege...just ask The Mary Jane Girls or Danity Kane in five years...but she's has released two more albums, 1991's Fountains Free (which I just got) and 1997's Toys Of Vanity...she has since created a kitchen appliance with Larry King's wife (or so Wikipedia states) and has a foundation that plants gardens in urban areas. Not too shabby! Still it would've been cool beans if she had stuck around longer, cause it's obvious from the first note that Taja's talented. A wide range of topics possess the album from teen aged pregnancy (the snazzy "Mama 16") to vying for acceptance in a hipster world (the edgy funk of "Popular"), and that makes Taja quite well-rounded not only in sound but in style. Sure it sounds like Prince (she was on the Paisley Park record label after all) but it's quite lush in it's delivery...contagious indeed.

Rating: 8.5/10

Wish I could be that vain...but in a good way...

Man...I miss choreographed dances like this....if work was this fun, I'd go to work every single freckin' day

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