Spin Me Right Round: The Importance Of Being Roisin

Friday, October 10, 2008

Some pop tarts try to be too serious, or at least touch themselves too much. Not the case for Irish lass, Roisin Murphy. What you need to know about the former Mokolo member is that she doesn't pussy foot around and let's that freak flag fly elegantly. With a voice as thick and sweet as honey, Roisin Murphy flexes her soulful chords (think Dusty Springfield) into a foray of styles. Her 2005 debut album, Ruby Blue expressed a kooky and chilled house jazz vibe which won me over at first listen. Now on Overpowered, Roisin dips into a vat of bleached 80's funk fare and it's unique as it is rump-shaking. While it may sound a bit overboard at times, Overpowered is appropriately meant to give you the image of a the neon glow of a disco floor. With you prancing on it of course. The churning funk of "You Me Better" is pure bliss and practically a song that will remind you what good 80's pop was all about. It's truly the focal point of Overpowered, for me at least, but listening to equally enthralling, "Let Me Know" or the jolt of "Checkin' Up On Me" which reminds me of song that if Timbaland produced it would be a monster hit. Still it's ten times better than some of the output he's been doing as of late. While there is sweat to be flung, it will get dried by the cautious crawl of "Primitive" and the meditative, "Tell Everybody". So there is something for all. To my keen ear, Overpowered is fully charged, locked and loaded with what is Roisin's best line-up of songs. While it doesn't possess the quirky flavor that was Ruby Blue (which reminded me if Kate Bush and Aretha Franklin mated), it is a sparkling homage to all that was bleached and Day-Glo'ed from the 80's. Bravo, Roisin!

Rating: 9.0/10

Reminds me of the Eurythmic's desperate housewife vid, "Beethoven, I Love To Listen To"...just saying...that bow she's wearing is hella huge

Turning a diner into your own personal disco space sounds like a fab idea...if only Denny's could be that exciting

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