Spin Me Right Round: Love Moves In Sophisticated Ways

Saturday, October 18, 2008

British gal, Kim Wilde has done alot of genre hopping in her time. When she first made a splash in the music biz back in 1981, she came off as Debbie Harry-lite with the hit single, "Kids In America". By the time the mid-80's rolled around, Kim went from feisty new-wave punk kid to bouncy pop diva. Going for a more moodier approach with her Supremes cover, Kim scored even bigger with the #1 hit, "You Keep Me Hangin' On" in her pocket. The end of the decade, saw Kim swapping her pop roots and going for a slicker R&B/New Jack sound. Kim Wilde's 1990 creation, Love Moves shows her in mature soul waters and its, IMO, her best look. Consistent and infectious, Love Moves constitutes as what early 90's synth-soul is all about. With the opening chords of the lush, "It's Here" into the sleek n' shiny New Jack jam, "Love (Send Him Back To Me)" you are introduced to the more sophisticated side of pop. The album, sadly, didn't gain much exposure when it was released and most of the singles stalled on the charts. Songs such as the sparkling pop chug of "Time" and the sharp "In Hollywood" are strong and were in need of some chart action. What is also impressive about Love Moves is not for the fact that Kim wrote almost all of the songs featured but that the album takes on a conceptual appeal. Most of the songs follow the theme of the desire to change different areas in romance and in social world affairs. "Who's To Blame" and "Someday" point towards a socially conscious mindset, as does the optimistic jolt of "World In Perfect Harmony". Maybe the fact that it's a neglected gem of an album that I gush on end about it (I always root for the underdog!) but it takes one listen to get engulfed in what Love Moves is all about: Pure pop sophistication...ah yes!

Rating: 9.5/10

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