Spin Me Right Round: Set Adrift On Pure 80's Synth Bliss

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crisp and clean like that zebra print jumpsuit she's donning, British songstress Jaki Graham's sophomore effort, Breaking Away is a testament to 80's synth sophistication. Entailed in the black wax is infectious grooves and sultry nighttime babymakers, and that's just the first half of the album. With the jolt of the opening track, "Set Me Free" we are transported into the pure synth bliss of Breaking Away. Jaki Graham seems to be the UK's answer to Whitney Houston, as she posses strong high-caliber diva ready vocals...in short, the woman could sing the pants off of anyone. Still, with all the vocal power and fetish for neon colored lipstick, Jaki didn't make much of a splash here in the States. Shame, since Breaking Away is a solid effort that is perfect 80's R&B. The breezy, oh-so smooth title track has the perfect combo of sax and chiming synths, while the Caribbean jazz-pop of "Love Under Moonlight" is sultry yet sweet. Other up tempos like the sparkling percussive, "Love Of Your Life" and the infectious, "Step Right Up" are winners. Interesting to note is that Jaki Graham joined forces with jazz artist, Paul Hardcastle back in the 90's (anyone remember "Rainforest"?...that song goes hard...I'm surprised nobody in hip-hop, to my knowledge, has ripped that song off) to form the group Kiss The Sky...funny, that I never knew Jaki was the vocalist for that group until now...well, we learn something new everyday! If you're looking for an album that embodies the spirit and synth drenched funk of the 80's, Jaki Graham's Breaking Away is a top choice.

Rating: 8.0/10

Dig on that rubber red dress...those guys in the background are dancing fools

So much frosted pink lips, purple metallic eyeshadow, neon colored stilettos and sailor hats!! AHH, me loves!

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