Adventures In Irrelevancy: AMA's-The Phone Convo Recap

Monday, November 24, 2008

The American Music Awards happened last night and well...all I have to say, if you watched it, or at least have your ears cleaned and vision unblurred, then it was easy to see/hear who actually deserved a round of applause. To keep it brief for all those who missed out...I had a conversation on the phone with my BFF Brittany while watching the AMA's (the last hour our so...hey, I got wrapped up playing Mall Tycoon 3) and here's a "condensed" version of that convo...we think it sums up the AMA's quite well, well in the snarky department...some words were censored, you know to keep it classy...

Brittany: AMA's are in hell did Rihanna win an award?

Jennifer: Damn...I missed Christina...Rihanna, pass...She always wins...for whatever reason

B and J: Kanye SHUT UP! You are NOT Elvis!

B: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon {laughter} What is the point? Pretty vomiticious

J: {laughter} Oh, know I love me some Mariah but this has not been her year...Nick is so her personal assistant

B: Lil' Wayne raps about bitches, hoes and is that RAP?

J: {laughs for a straight five minutes}

*Read the rest of the convo...if you really care...after the jump!*

B: Ain't gonna lie, Beyonce turned out that performance

J: {pauses} But you're the supreme Beyonce hater...

B: Well, she turned it out...and I'm a single lady and well you know who shoulda put a ring on it...catchy

J: *silence*

J: OMG...thank goodness Alicia Keys won...but...

B and J: What is that on her her

J: The Jonas Brothers...thank goodness for my *NSYNC and Hanson years...

B: I like a few of their songs...the oldest one says some cool stuff in an interview, but he's not attractive

J: My mom calls them the Joe Brothers...Joe Jonas, he's going to be "interesting" when he grows up...I can feel it...

B: Ewww...Justin Timberlake

J: Thank god he shaved the neck beard...but he looks like Jon B

B: {laughs} What happened to Jon B?


B: She's singing "Why"! Sing it girl

B and J: *silence in reverence for Annie Lennox*

B: Annie's awesome

J: Ditto, deserved award...hmm...Justin and Annie duet could be interesting

J: Oh, Natasha B. still milking "Unwritten" for all its her though

B: Rihanna is horrible! Especially live, why are people applauding? Are they deaf?

J: {laughs} Dig on that glittery eye patch...but yeah...she's like a statute when she performs

B: If Daughtry wins over Coldplay, I'll kill myself

J: Don't do it girl...think about's Daughtry

B: Daughtry won! I'm killing myself...

J: {laughs} Over Coldplay? And the aging Eagles? Wait...The Eagles were nominated for what?

B: I'm going out on my balcony now to can have my movie collection and iTunes files

J: You crazy...see you tomorrow

*Side note: Brittany didn't succumb to killing herself last night over Daughtry's puzzling win...she's fine and we're going to Olive Garden tonight to discuss this show with the other BFF's over breadsticks and salad...

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