Eye Rolls and Side Eyes: Is It "Human Nature" To Be This Bad??

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Disappointment. Excuse my un-ladylike behaviour on this post....but this is what everyone, including radio personality Ryan Seacrest, was creaming in their pants over? This shoddy Britney Spears appearance? As much as I love Madonna (musically), this just didn't cut it and bringing Britney Spears back up from the Un-Talented Crypt just really makes me roll my eyes. Stop giving this girl breaks....Aside from Britney, I'm more concerned about Madonna just kind of spitting through "Human Nature", it seemed she was almost lazy with it. I guess Maddie can't do it like Who's The Girl Tour 1987 anymore....And when does Madonna take hat fashion tips from T-Pain? All of this is so wrong I have to cleanse my brain by popping in The Girlie Show DVD.

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