Adventures In Irrelevancy: We're The Dancerssss!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I usually don't post much about Beyonce (cause she gets enough exposure on a zillion blogs as is) but this was too good to be discriminating against. On Saturday Night Live last night, Justin Timberlake made a suprise apperance and he joined Beyonce and SNL host of the night, actor Paul Rudd, for an hilarious and wildly interesting twist to Beyonce's video, "Single Ladies". In all frankness, I love this more than the original (you know, the 1960's "Mexican Breakfast" version Beyonce got "inspired" by)...considering the fact that Justin out femmed and out fiereced Beyonce. No joke. Be prepared to laugh your face off.


  1. I agree that Beyonce does get enough exposure, she's practically everywhere. I don't post her on my blog either, I do like Shawn Stockman's version of her 'If I Were A Boy' though, he's called it 'If You Were A Boy'.

    This is hilarious though. LMAO!! We don't get this show here, but it's really funny. I'm not a huge fan of JT either, but he has done quite a few funny sketches on there. JT looks so funny in a leotard and heels. Haha!!

  2. Woosh! I missed ya! Yeah, there's ALOT of Beyonce overkill on some blogs and sites, and I'm not talking about the fansites...LOL She's just okay to me...there are a few songs I like, but she just comes off unoriginal to me...but enough Beyonce talk LOL

    SNL hasn't been good, well, they got a boost with doing Sarah Palin (Repub. vice pres. candidate...what a ditz!) skits but they haven't been that great (the cast members have been dropping like flies!). The show was great during the days of Chris Farley and even further back when Eddie Murphy was on there. Justin's skits on SNL are usually pure gold, at times he's better here than in his music vids, LOL, and I have had a love/hate relationship with Justin, this makes me love him, but his attitude (he's a real jerk) makes me hate him...gosh, I'm such a bundle of sunshine! haha

  3. Aww, thanks. Likewise, missed your dry humour with the posts and stuff.

    I agree, nothing original with her stuff. Not really a fan. But anyway... lol

    HAHA!! Indeed you are, I'm not a huge fan of Justin's work, I like a couple of his tunes and "kitch" NSYNC were so not my group, I'm a BSB fan me. Haha! But saying that, he does seem to deliver some amazing comedy moments on this show. I've seen a few, I think there was the soup one and then this, wow, so many. They are great!

    I haven't really watched much of this show, seen a few bits online when they have some funny sketches with JT, nothing really groundbreaking. But I am a fan of Damon Wayans, wasn't he on this show at one point?

    We have a show over here called Sunday Night Project (it used to be called Friday Night Project) and Alan Carr, who is one of the presenters, is so funny!!

  4. The BSB and *NSYNC rivalry still rages on! LOL, I kid...My friends and I have an arguement about that once a week...we need lives. Yeah, Justin has great comedic timing!

    I don't think Damon Wayans was on SNL but he was on 'In Living Color', kind of like SNL but I sometimes find it funnier even though it's long gone. That show had Jamie Foxx and Jim Carrey on it before they hit the big well as a dancing Jennifer Lopez! No joke! I loved his skit where him and co-star David Allan Grier did the "Mens On Film" skits and they give snarky reviews of movies...I think YouTube might have some clips, if you haven't seen them

    I've heard of that show! My friend used to study abroad in England and she told me about that show...I miss that I don't have the BBC channel anymore, I used to watch 'Are You Being Served' and 'Keeping Up Apperances' alot :)

  5. I know, mind you JC wrote a song with AJ for the 'Unbreakable' album, JC is great. He was my fave from NSYNC, if I had to choose one.

    Yeah, I've seen a few Damon Wayans, Jim Carrey sketches from In Living Color. lol Homie The Clown is hilarious.

    LOL @ you watching BBC, I never would have thought that you know. Don't they still have BBC America there or has that long gone? EastEnders is my addiction, although I'm a northerner so I don't talk like any of them on there. lol

    I watch a few things on the BBC, Neighbours used to be on there but there was a bidding war and Five got it. ITV is great, they have so many different channels (ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, IT4). lol I think you might get the picture on them. Haha!! 'Sanctuary' is on of the shows they air, that is awesome, also 'Supernatural', 'Numb3rs', 'Dexter', etc are on some of their many channels. Channel 4 is what shows Sunday Night Project and there's a bit of bad language on that show, so it's usually on way past the watershed. lol

  6. this clip is impossible to find now on YouTube. NBC and Team Knowles acted quicker than you can say "we're the dancers"!... loved loved loved it.




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