Album Watch: Goldfrapp + Sia + Christina A. = Upcoming Amazingness

Monday, November 10, 2008

I applaud Christina Aguilera for not taking the Timbaland way out. Meaning that the big voiced diva isn't trying to use the same-old-same producers for her upcoming fourth album...she's actually going to be sampling from a Euro-Pop buffet that's sure to raise a few brows. I wasn't delusional when I heard notes of British techno duo, Goldfrapp nestled in her current single, "Keeps Getting Better"...that was the sound Miss A was going for. Christina finally let the cat out of the bag by saying that she is indeed getting some studio time in with Alison Goldfrapp and Co. as well as the kooky-kool Australian artist Sia. Bold and interesting! Sia is quite a refreshing choice...homegirl sure as hell thinks outside the box ! I'm a constant advocate for any R&B/Pop singer to expand their sound by adding in elements of progressive rock and techno. The hip-hop element has been so redundant these last couple of years, that I'm glad that Christina is switching up styles and not eating a bowl of "Same-ies". Still "Keeps Getting Better" isn't a great foot in that futuristic sound just yet...but she has till next year when this as-yet-untitled release will be making its appearance. Let's just hope that she ditches the Lady GaGa Halloween costume and does something that is innovative and entertaining for this new effort.


  1. This should be a great project if Christina is doing that, a lot of artists have taken on beats from big producers (Timabalnd, like you mentioned) and others. It's nice to see an artist doing their own thing.

    I keep hearing the 'Keeps Getting Better' tune from Christina and it's pretty funky. Her last album was very good though, so she should step up her game a notch, she did with the last album.

  2. I agree, one of my good friends and I were talking about Timbaland just today. She called him "a tool" which I had never thought of him that way...though I think he's an excellent producer, his style has been overused by so many artists...I kind of felt once Madonna got her paws on him, he was kind of done...not that the music was bad, it's just that using him has been a constant...let someone else have a go. But yeah, "Keeps Gettin' Better" is funky, but it's just okay to me...I feel that she's just warming up for what's really in store. I'd also like to see Christina do a duet with a male vocalist...say James Morrison? Hee hee :)


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