Amazon Riddles Us With Their List Of 2008's Best Albums

Friday, November 14, 2008

As 2008 is coming rapidly to a close (there is really three weeks till finals? Yikes!) it's time for everyone to input their 2 cents about what got people jumping for joy this year. So just be prepared for the shower of "Best Of" lists coming in the near future. To beat everyone to the punch, has unleashed their staggering long list of best albums from this year. While most of the list is comprised of albums that weren't given alot of mainstream buzz, it's a pretty effective list that spans genres and taste buds. I'm actually pleased that some of my pickings for 2008 were represented, such as Santogold's debut and Little Jackie's The Stoop, as well as Al Green's Lay It Down and Estelle's Shine. Of course Duffy's Rockferry, Adele's 19 and Coldplay's Viva La Vida made the list as they were huge upon release. Erykah Badu also made the list with her oddball, but quite fetching New Amerykah. So maybe I'm listening to the right things this year, considering that I'm still exploring MGMT's Oracular Spectacular and The Ting-Ting's We Started Nothing and haven't had my verdict just yet...Still is it too soon to be compiling this, after all some anticipated albums haven't made their appearance yet or is just trying to stick to those artists who crafted great albums but were met with less hype-ness? Whatever the notion, this list doesn't serve all as no list ever does...but don'tcha just love to get some comfort that one of your picks was nestled on a 100 items list? On a shameless plug note, like I've done with all my other now defunct music blogs, I will indeed be putting together some "Best Of 2008" lists, just because I love to mess with my blog reader(s) minds! *evil cackle*


  1. babe, good luck with the weblog awards. u are deserving!! :')

    yes, always baffles me with their list of yawnies. they tend to lean to very male/35+ middle of the road tastes. can't say i agree with some of their choices, but anyhow... :p



  2. Aww, thanks so much Will! :)

    I should've mentioned this but this was the first year, to my recollection, that Amazon had some albums I liked on that list, usually they do have some stuff I would never in life pick up, but yeah, you're right about the age of the males...I think it's missing alot of R&B and even some Pop albums, but I'm just picky. I was really baffled about their inclusion of Scarlett Johanssen's album...I heard it wasn't that great...well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess? LOL


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