Cover Smother: It's Not Right...But It's Okay?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kapow! In your face! Well, someone is desperately trying to resurrect Whitney Houston up from obscurity that they have gone to great lengths to photoshop design her new album cover. Convincing? Nah...considering the fact that Whitney probably wouldn't in all her "tenderoni" days don that sort of get up on the front cover of her album (recall her 1985 debut album, she wore a swimsuit on the back sleeve of that album). So nice try, whomever you are, but you did manage to make me giggle on this Tuesday afternoon. And while we are on the subject of Whitney...weren't we supposed to be having some sort of "comeback" record from her this winter? Where in hells did the Akon produced track, "Like I Never Left" go? Was that just a practice run in the studio? Please, Whitney do not toy with my emotions!


  1. omg!! this cover is so Mariah circa "Rainbow". love it. hahahaha

    i think it's a good thing that whitney's comeback is delayed. everyone has an album out right now; when she does it, all eyes have to be on her. am waiting too!!



  2. That's so true Will! I think Whitney would do better if she waited till all the young-ins released their albums...I'm just crossing my fingers that she comes back bigger than ever, now that will be a comeback to watch!


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