First Impressions: Alicia Serves Up Some Good Old Fashion Soul For 'Super' Edition

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh Alicia. I thought you would have avoided to go the route of your money milking peers. I thought you would have taken into consideration that America is under economical strain and that you would not succumb to the pressures of issuing out the dreaded...Expanded Edition. I am but a mere college student strapped for cash and how in the world am I supposed to afford to re-pay for your third album, As I Am, for just three songs that your record label has tacked matter how good they are? Though I resent expanded/deluxe/reloaded albums with a passion, it's nice to know that Alicia Keys still keeps on giving the musical goods. Two new songs will be added to As I Am: The Super Edition (in stores November 14th) and here they are for your listening pleasure. "Doncha Know (Sky's Blue)" has Alicia going for an Al Green state of mind and it's a jubilant pure bread soul number with an interesting tempo change mid-song. "Saviour" follows the musical blueprint of Diana Ross and the Supremes classic, "Baby Love" but is tweaked a bit to make it not sound like a blatant rip-off. Plus it's got different lyrics and is great sing-a-long fun. Lovin' these...actually she should consider releasing one of these as a single, but that's just me!

*Doncha Know (Sky's Blue)*



  1. You know what, everyone seems to be repackaging their albums at the minute. So many of my favourite artists have repackaged their album recently or are doing so within the next month or so, for example: Alicia Keys, Duffy, Adele, Leona Lewis, etc.

    I wouldn't usually buy them, but when they're artists that are worth investing in, you just feel yourself drawn to buying them. Duffy's album has a whole bonus disc of new material though, so that should be hot.

    On the subject of Alicia Keys though, the new songs that have surfaced are great. She's an artist that consistently shows she means business though, a talent not to be messed with.

  2. Well said, Woosh! I love when you comment, great minds think alike! :) Alicia can really do no wrong in my book...she was on 'The View' today and my mom called me and was like, "Why is Alicia on AGAIN?" and I was like, "Because Alicia is amazing and should be on that show every day" Haha! I still don't know why she on the show...she wasn't promoting the special edition that's for sure! Still she's always refreshing...but I don't know, I'm not fond of paying for an album again for three new songs, once is enough for me. I guess I fail in that category, LOL


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