First Impressions: Deborah Returns To Elegance

Friday, November 14, 2008

There is much to admire about Deborah Cox's newbie, The Promise. First off, the Canadian born singer is back in fine R&B form and second, she simply radiates some true blue soul quality that seems to be missing from her contemporaries these days. We must remember that Deborah was always the classy dame, as she tackled Dinah Washington's songbook on her last album, 2007's Destination Moon. The class and sophistication is back, but draped in a sensual soul offering that is worth some ear time. With Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (oh, that's where they went!) at Deborah's side, The Promise takes on sleek and soft mid-tempos and ballads. The first single, the dazzling, "Beautiful U R" is the anchor track while ballads like "All Hearts Aren't Shaped The Same" and "Did You Ever Love Me" really showcase the singers range effectively. The final track, the tribal and synth power ballad, "Where Do We Go 2" is my choice cut for it's elegant yet strong instrumentation. What is refreshing about The Promise is that nothing, and I mean nothing, is overdone to the point where you are twitching over all the "oversinging", cause well Deborah is not like other vocal divas...she doesn't need to oversing. Even when she gets her hands on a uptempo like the club fusion of "Down 4 U", Deborah stays controlled and focused, but still manages to give a vibrant performance. No gimmicks and no over the top club thumpers...Deborah sticks to her 'promise' and gives us sleek and divine R&B that will sure enough soothe the soul.

Rating: 9.0/10
Release Date: November 11, 2008

Beautiful U R

Where Do We Go 2

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