First Impressions: Killers Evolve On A Funk-Electronic Wave

Monday, November 24, 2008

There is much to admire about The Killers third outing, Day & Age. They could have easily gone back to the stark synth style of their 2004 debut, Hot Fuss. Or revived their gritty Bruce Springsteen-esque nod to American rock n' roll fervor on 2006's Sam's Town. Still the boys from Las Vegas wanted to do something a bit more brighter, vivacious and down-right funky. Day & Age, proves that third time is the charm as the album weaves in an eclectic platter of bass rhythms, wit and...R&B horn sections (!!). Thanks to production by Stuart Price (whom graced us with Madonna's Confessions album), there is a whole lot of electronica funk swimming about. With a blast of staccato horns in opening number, "Losing Touch", right off the bat you know the Killers didn't do something typical. The album flows like liquid into the core tracks, the electrifying singles, "Human" and "Spaceman". Blondie (in their Autoamerican days) and jangly guitars sounds jump out on the frisky, "Joy Ride" while "I Can't Stay" sounds like a Calypso island affair. The cleverly derived chant opening of "This Is Your Life" rides the sharp bass lick throughout the track and its one of many strong cuts on here. Sure this album will recall the 80's New Romantic period along with a smidgen of Pet Shop Boys and yes, it's production is sparkly, shiny and so bright you'll need to wear shades, but its catchy, fun and downright engaging. Thank goodness that in this "day and age", there is a band called The Killers, who managed to evolve and expand their sound on album number three.

Rating: 9.0/10

Release Date: November 24, 2008


"Losing Touch"

"Joy Ride"

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