First Impressions: Ladyhawke Glides With Ease Into 80's Day Glo

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The 80's never sounded so freckin' fresh. New Zealander, Ladyhawke (aka Phillipa Brown) has come forth with an album so close in contact with 80's day-glo paint, that the fumes are pungent enough to resurrect images of frosted hot pink nails, Duran Duran and Swatches. On the singer's self-titled debut, the synths are pounded upon jubilantly and the drum machines are so bright and stark that you might want to don Ray Bans. In short, Ladyhake woke up on the hella right side of the bed when creating this pop perfecta. Ladyhawke rises to the occasion though, with it's core tracks and first two singles, "Back Of The Van" and "Paris Is Burning" fueling you in pure synthesized bliss. The churning brilliance of "Manipulating Woman" just calls for a head bob or two. There are some obvious influences throughout which can be easy to point out. "Morning Dreams" feels like a grittier Hall & Oates song while the throbbing funk of "Dusk Til Dawn" feels as if it escaped ABC's 1983 classic, The Lexicon Of Love (the album which Ladyhawke has been compared to by NME mag). Whilst Ladyhawke's vocals kind of stay on a even flow of a deep throated alto, they fit the swelling, icy cool arrangements, of the tracks making it almost haunting. Think "Stand Back" Stevie Nicks...damn, there goes another 80's reference. While it may seem like old hat that bands and artists have been experimenting with the synth slams of yesteryear, Ladyhawke manages to make that hat still be devilishly attractive after all these years.

Rating: 9.0/10
Release Date: September 22, 2008

I like her little shoulder motions...Uh, if I had some hockey mask/oversized 80's slasher films nightshirt wearing zombies in my house, I'd run outside....LOL at the Ghostface Killah and Smoke Machine shirts...Bang Bang Bang

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