The Gospel: Alter Ego...Ego Trippin'?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today most of us, unwillingly, will be re-introduced to Sasha Fierce, aka Beyonce as her I Am...Sasha Fierce album makes it way on the racks and down our throats. Beyonce claims that Sasha Fierce is the "person inside" of her who does all the wild and crazy workouts she puts her arse through. Really? I thought it was just the power of you and the fumes of your weave glue combined? Well, to not dwell on Beyonce anymore...let's look at the big picture. Alter-egos aren't a new ideal. I am not talking about nicknames (Xtina doesn't count as well as my Audio Diva tag), I'm talking about those singers who've claimed they've embodied another individual and that they unleash this other persona whenever they perform. *cue the Twilight Zone music* We've seen it happen with even some of the greats such as David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust anyone?) and of course Prince (Alexander Nevermind, Joey Coco, Christopher...etc). In recent years we've seen alter-egos fall like country star, Garth Brooks failed emo rocker Chris Gaines. And we've seen alter-egos not affect us remotely as Mary J. Blige's Brook-Lyn and yes, even Britney Spears claimed her alter person was Mona Lisa, in a previous delusion. Still is this just some hackneyed scheme to sell a record or attract a fan base of kooks who'd believe you are who you say you are? Or is your ego that huge that you have to have another person embody it? Who died and made you Sybil? Or am I just really diggin' for dust here? It's just bizarre to me that someone would claim that it was "someone else" who did all the glitter guy liner or shook their arse faster than a salt shaker...can't you just say it was you all along? The world might think you cooler if you were to be boring and yourself? Let's just say I don't buy into the bullshit...well, unless your Bowie or Prince because in all honesty...they had cooler names. Nonetheless, artists should just stick to being themselves, after all, Beyonce is getting the paycheck, not Sasha Fierce. Still, the alter-ego trend isn't about to die with 2009 get ready to meet Super C...Ciara's alter-ego...*facepalm* Will the madness ever cease?


  1. The Amerie picture you used is so apt.

    Beyonce just isn't doing anything new, as you stated, people have been using alter ego's to get their point across in music a while. Wow, there are so many. So it's a tried and tested method. But on the subject of her album, I'm not feeling what I've heard so far and the gimick of an alter ego won't make me buy the album if the material isn't up there. No doubt she will sell bucket loads anyway, because she's Beyonce and she has a very large fanbase, I just don't see the point of the alter ego. If she was creating a whole new image with the alter ego and hardly anyone knew it was her, then maybe that would be a better idea. But the fact that he image has hardly changed for the other stuff is kinda pointless, everyone knows who it is.

  2. Wonderfully put! I got in a convo with my friend about this just yesterday and I admitted I did give Beyonce a chance as I listened to the leak of her new album and let me just say, I was not impressed. But what did I expect right? Nothing was "fierce" on the fierce side and the ballads were like boring lounge music. I feel like I'm hating but, I'm being honest, cause I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt (like I did with Rihanna...if it's catchy, I'll like it no matter whose singing it) So if Beyonce was to do an album focusing on her alter ego, she should've at least channelled the alter ego cause I sure didn't hear Sasha Fierce on the second side, I heard Sasha Wimp. So you are so right, there is no point especially since it's her third album and people are fooled easily. I'd probably like her if she didn't try so hard...

    Dang, Beyonce will never catch a break with us! LOL


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