Morrison and Furtado Reach Out Touch Each Other's Hands

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oooh, mi goshy! James Morrison and his gravely voice never cease to amaze's been just a couple of months and yet his second and newly released, Songs For You, Truths For Me, is still getting the spins on the player and in the car. While my BFF Brittany crosses her fingers and prays with all her might that James crosses the pond with Jason Mraz in tow for a US tour, let's take a looksie at the new vid for single, "Broken Strings". If you were wondering what in Promiscuous-maneating hells happen to Nelly Furtado, well she shows up here to add her unique vocal stylings to the track as well as don a Victoria Beckham hair cut that everyone and their momma has (including myself...or so I'd like to think). Even if the video is simplistic, just listen to how their voices blend so's a beautiful track. Well, if you want action it happens...for all you pyromaniacs out there...a TV blows up and the room James is in engulfs in flames. Who says guitar soul is never exciting?


  1. Um, did you mean *never* ceases to amaze? The way you have it sounds like you're bored with his voice..

  2. Whoopsie, I meant *never ceases*...I shouldn't have posted this late at night...thanks exaltron for correcting me as I am NOT bored with James's voice :)

  3. James Morrison is an amazing talent within music, he has a song from his new album called 'Sitting On A Platform'. Now that's an awesome tune. But he is very much a great talent within music, if anyone deserves to do well internationally, it's him.

  4. I agree, Woosh, James is amazing, I just wish he got more recognition here in the best buddy she got me into him last year and she likes "Sitting On A Platform" too! I'm loving his new album, "Nothing Ever Hurt Like You" and "Save Yourself" are my faves


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