Question Obsession: What 5 Artists/Bands R U Diggin' Right Now?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

With every blog I've had I've always liked doing a "Q&A" feature for a number of reasons: 1) People love talking about their interests 2) It's a fun interactive blog feature 3) I'm nosy...well, not nosy enough to just pry into your personal life...just into your musically obsessed mind *wink*. So I decided to kick off having a blog question every couple of days or so, just to see what everyone is into or what everyone's got an opinion on. With every question, I'll warm you up with my response, just to get you started! So don't be shy, post your responses in comments! So without further ado I'll give you a simple question to ponder over...

What 5 Artists/Bands (old, new, know, unknown) are you liking right now this second?

As for me:

1. Ladyhawke
2. Annie Lennox
3. The Killers
4. Van Hunt
5. Sia

*Now it's your turn! Post your responses in comments!*


  1. Great question (as always), Jennifer.

    Well, here are mine (in no particular order):

    1. Jill Scott
    2. Van Hunt
    3. Jazmine Sullivan
    4. Chrisette Michele
    5. Ginuwine

  2. Mine are.

    Sy Smith
    Black Milk
    Jazmine Sullivan

  3. Emmylou Harris
    Final Fantasy
    Late Of The Pier
    Fujiya & Miyagi
    The Killers


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