Remember The Time: Dance Your Pants Off!

Monday, November 10, 2008

We must remember that no matter how loopy she may be on American Idol, Paula Abdul can dance her pants off. I'm quite snooty about the "dancers" of today *pointing finger at Ciara and Chris Brown* and I always tend to stamp my Debbie Allen Fame staff and shout out, "No, try it again!" I'm just bias to Paula Abdul...oh, and The Nicholas Brothers and Gene Kelly...but let's keep it kinda current. This was a random find on YouTube of Paula Abdul and her once student, Janet Jackson at the American Music Awards back in 1990. Quite interesting to see them back to back...but who did it better? The student or the teacher? Hmm...both are top-notch but I'm going to give it to Paula for the sheer fact that she is even dancing--intensely--with a microphone in her hand. Plus her routine was highly complex like a concert spectacle and a Superbowl Half-time show all in one. Oh, and I mustn't forget that MC Skat Kat pops in to milk his last minutes of fame, you know we can't forget him... So did Paula shut down Janet or vice versa?

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  1. The American Music Awards used to be THE music awards show to watch. I used to enjoy them more than the Grammys; the Grammys were stuffy to me, but the AMAs? YES!

    In awed by both sets of performances. The choreography is just sick. And although Paula was most likely lip-synching, bish was on point the steps and I too have to give it to her! The sequence where she had all the men in the background...and they did the splits! OH MY GOD. They were so in sync! I love it!


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