Song Stuck In My Head: I Need A Little Sympathy

Friday, November 21, 2008

"Stand Back"-Stevie Nicks (1983)

To continue my love for Ladyhawke and her debut, I decided to get to the root of the matter...her prime influence, the dazzling Stevie Nicks. I love the fact that Stevie just kind of waves sheaves of tulle fabric around, spins around and then spits out these gruff voiced classics, it's mesmerizing to say the least. She exhibits this in the music video (see below) for her 1983 smash hit, "Stand Back". This song is just plain good whether you want to admit it or not. And it is one of my all-time faves from the 80's. The way it just kicks off in all of it's synth glory and that guitar breakdown during the middle of the song is just bliss. So many great things going on in this groovin' song...from Stevie saying: "I need a little sympathy" to the spitfire chorus...oh, and the fact that Prince co-wrote and performs synths on this beast of a song. I will stand back and admire this Miss Nicks.

Oh, the "reach for the sky, high-kick, hip thrusts" dancing...the guy dancing at 1:06 *dies*...Is that a moving platform she's on?...There's alot of glowing lights in this vid


  1. i am loving the Ladyhawke album too but am terrified she'll be group aside with the other "80's revival novelty acts" in a year or two; i'm v. interested in seeing how her repertoire will evolve.



  2. according to stevie, if you play "stand back" and price's "little red corvette" simultaneously, it's supposed to work in and around each other...never had the means to try it myself. but in case anyone does....


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