Song Stuck In My Head: Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah...

Monday, November 3, 2008

"Lies"-Thompson Twins (1983)

In America, we are in political times as the presidential election is a day it seems fitting that this song got stuck in my head. Not that I feel everyone involved is telling lies...just that it's a miracle some folks noses haven't grown a couple of inches by now...but eh, it's politics. So before I vote let's get to the pointdexter of the matter...the Thompson Twins are not a band that I usually delve into whenever I feel the need to get "new wave-y". Still they get a cookie from me eternally for having one of the best band names ever (they are named after one of the characters in the Adventures Of Tin-Tin comic book series). Aside from that, they have a couple of tracks that I thoroughly enjoy. "Lies" is one of them and it's quite the kicker. Off of the band's breakthrough album, 1983's Quick Step and Side Kick, "Lies" possesses a smidge of Reggae protest mingled with stark synths. The chorus does border on annoying as the word "lies" is repeated with a "yeah" attached to it...but it's still hella fun if you say it out loud at a high decibel. Annoy the neighbors...the Thompson Twins will thank you for it.

Those faces coming atcha, wow....That bunny is HUGE....My friends and I dance around like that whenever we can't figure out the beat....Entertainment to the max!

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