Song Stuck In My Head: Ooh, Shock Me With Your 'Electric Feel'

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Electric Feel"-MGMT (2008)

Is the word 'groovy' still considered a legit word used to describe a feeling of pure bliss? Bah! I don't care, MGMT's "Electric Feel" single is down-right's like the Bee Gees on acid. BFF Lindsay got me interested in this Brooklyn, New York based band when she blasted this on the car stereo. Instantly, I was hooked, and it took me awhile to get the band's official debut disc, Oracular Spectacular, but once I did this song was played at an ad nasuem pace for about a week. This song just sizzles in a haunting 70's funk fashion, almost Sly Stone in a way, especially in the booming chorus. The bass is killer, the infectious chorus reels you in like a gullible fish, and it will remain stuck to your brain cells once you get a listen. Trust me, you'll want this type of easy-going funk piece in your head to make it through another rough week in November.

Bizarre, it's like Lord of The Flies on some psychedelic, there are computer generated bears playing instruments in the woods...I would not drink that multicolored goop or even rub it on my face, you don't know where that has been!


  1. I had this tune on my iPod for a while, along with another that they did. This group seem so funky and I agree the video is kinda trippy in parts, they're so fresh with their sound. I like it when groups do something different, we have a group here called 'Mamas Gun', they're one to watch out for too.

    I haven't played this tune in a while.

    *Goes to find it*

  2. Hmm...Mama's Gun, gotta Google that! Yeah, my friends and I just have this methodic thing where we just expose and artist to each other and we become obessessed. The album is pretty good, I've gotten through most of it on the first listen, and that's usually a good sign! There is another song I like, I think it's called, "Time To Pretend"...great tune. MGMT are bring the bizarreness at full tilt!


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