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Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Many Moons" -Janelle Monae (2008)

As Beyonce tries to make "Sasha Fierce" happen, there is a singer who is already a walking billboard for the word "fierce". Her name is Janelle Monae and she is undeniably one of the most interesting and talented newbies to come out in a loooong while. Mixing a eclectic blend of rock, 80's new wave and classic soul, Janelle has a quirky space-robot style all her own not to mention the powerhouse vocals. Janelle's Metropolis EP dropped this year and it really hits you head on with it's orchestral suites and highly imaginative concept. The only crutch that's preventing Janelle from really shining is that she's on the dysfunctional Bad Boy Records with Diddy as her guide. If he just stopped his focus on the dreck trifecta of Danity Kane, Day 26 and Cassie maybe Janelle would be ruling the roost...Janelle's Metropolis has been a pick for me this year and "Many Moons" has been on heavy rotation for me this week. Reasons...I don't know. Maybe its because its got a driving and perky percussive beat or a hodge podge tumble of lyrics? Or maybe it's just that this song is like three diverse songs in one and yet it miraculously all works. Work it sista!

I'm convinced that Janelle is the long lost child of Grace Jones....Become entranced with her roaming eyes...I need to practice that dancing right this second...Gorgeously and brilliantly bizarre


  1. I've been a big fan of Janelle Monae's work for absolutely ages now, well before she dropped her debut album officially after she signed with Bad Boy. Good artists always manage to find themselves an audience, whether or not they have a record deal. Her album was released last year on iTunes over here and I picked it up then. But songs that she did previous to her album are what got me interested and there are other songs floating about as well.

    She is an amazing talent, it's a shame that more artists like this couldn't receive more love, I was a little wary when she signed to the commercial machine Bad Boy though, I don't want them watering her talent down. But then she's not an artist you can buy off, all her style, etc came as a package. She's very much her own artist, a sneaky feeling tells us that she'd bitch slap them into next week if they tried to change her. LOL!!

  2. LOL! Yeah, Janelle is just on a totally and amazing wavelength than best friend just discovered her through me *wink* and she was saying, "Why in hell is she not more famous...she should have her own show by now" LOL I agree, Janelle is that cup of java needed to wake up a dreary R&B world for reals!


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