Spin Me Right Round: I Got Punched In The Face By Jane Child's Debut, It Was Awesome

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Maybe it was the chain nose ring, no it had to be that ridiculous part Mohawk/part Moesha braids hairstyle...yes, that's what got me interested in Jane Child from the get go. Then there is the music. Canadian born keyboardist, Jane Child is a classic case of the look overtaking the talent which led to her setting up a hut in One-Hit Wonder Island. With a raw and sometimes soulful vocal quality (think Taylor Dayne if she popped some Ricolas), Jane hit folks upside the head with her HiNRG number, "Don't Wanna Fall In Love". It came out of nowhere back in early 1990 and while the track proved to be a smart chart entry, it didn't gain Jane further success long after its release. Even her 1989 self-titled debut album, has taken homage in cut-out bargain bins...criminal. Jane Child is a heavily drenched synth-drum machine fueled fest that is just plain HARD. The opener of semi-hit, "Welcome To The Real World" is a fantastic socially conscious stomp while the edgy bass funk, "I Got News For You" and the arena rock of "Don't Let It Get To You" continue to knock you out at first listen. Jane does some serious genre bending as she flips from riot grrl rock to funk to pop and then to a sort of Kate Bush-esque Prog Rock combo all on one album. Yet with all the changes everything sounds cohesive and downright innovative. "DS 21" is an ode to sexual "robots" and is probably one of the hardest synth songs I've ever heard while the experimental, "You're My Religion Now" is simply brooding and feels almost like a ritualistic chant. Truly ahead of it's time, Jane Child exhibits an artist that really did shake things up for a bold and truly unique sound but left us far too soon.

Rating: 9.5/10

That synth solo is just...mesmerizing, same for that hair, I heard it took her three hours to do those braids, no thanks....Teddy Riley did a cool New Jack swing remix to this track....The Pussycat Dolls also did a remake to this, quite good but Jane's version still rocks my face...

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