Spin Me Right 'Round: Read Her Disco Colored Lips

Monday, November 17, 2008

When it sparkles it sparkles. That's what Sophie Ellis-Bextor's debut album, 2002's Read My Lips does so gallantly. The British pop star isn't ashamed about throwing fist fulls of glitter into our mouths or making us sheepishly wish that Disco was crawling on it's baby legs. Read My Lips plays up to it's disco white shoes right with the opening escalate of hit single,"Murder On The Dance Floor" which is cleverly contrived. From there you're floating on a multi-colored lights dance floor waiting for John Travolta circa 1977 to appear. Yeah, it's that intense. Sophie's rich tone wraps around the pounding throbs of the heavily whipped pop she ejects. It's quite hypnotic at times, but maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself. Never did I like Cher as much until Sophie gives a dazzling read of "Take Me Home" which just envelopes you in all of its finesse. The swirling disco of "Music Gets The Best Of Me" and the funky "Get Over You" continue the momentum, while the brooding "Move This Mountain" balances the up tempos with it's spacey haunt. Same can be said for the exquisite lush sounds of "Is It Any Wonder". There is a lot to admire about Sophie's debut album, especially when comparing it to her later two records. Risks would get taken with 2003's Shoot From The Hip and last year's Trip The Light Fantastic, but it all started here with Read My Lips. Edgy and fluffy all in one glitter dusted package.

Rating: 8.7/10

She's workin' those hats...how many costume changes has she had? I've counted about 15...dancing men in suits is a must in every music video

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