Spin Me Right Round: Siedah Gives The 'Kiss Of Life'

Monday, November 3, 2008

Most know of Siedah Garrett by the fine print but not by her singing accomplishments. For shame! A noted songwriter, Siedah received acclaim for penning Michael Jackson's 1987 inspirational hit, "Man In The Mirror" and having enough chutzpah to record the duet "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" with him as well. Still most don't know, or seem to forget that Siedah released her debut album around the time she was working with Jackson. 1988's Kiss Of Life has gone unnoticed unless you really dig around in the bins. With featured single, the highly infectious "K.I.S.S.I.N.G.", Kiss Of Life barely scraped the charts making Sideah one of R&B's missed opportunities. She had a great voice, infectious easy-to-groove-to jams and she had Quincy Jones in her corner...what more did she need to do? Handstands? Eat fire balls? *sigh* Siedah's debut is in perfect late 80's New Jack fashion as it's filled to the brim of deep percussion, bright synths and songs about being the best things since sliced bread. In short, a bulk of this album is made for catwalk model struts down a runaway. Check out the Babyface and LA Reid concoction, "Refuse To Be Loose" and the churning "Baby's Got It Bad" for some serious attitude. Rod Temperton gives Siedah a slinky baby maker in "Groove Of Midnight" while "The Legend Of Ruby Dee" is smart and made of cool (and my vote for best track). While Siedah has found success behind the scenes nowadays (she recently obtained a Grammy for co-writing the Dreamgirls tune, "I Love You I Do"), I'd wish she give us the 'kiss of life' once more with a new solo album.

Rating: 8.8/10

Ooh...bite my tounge!...What is up with the random dalmation?...Those kids are too cute sitting up in that tree...This song is just made of fierce win...

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