Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To all my American readers...get off your gluteus maximus, get in your car, walk, run, skip, do the Moonwalk...get those feet moving to your nearest voting outlet and VOTE!! If I can get up early (which is a total stretch for me) and stand can too! So use your rights, VOTE!

*Jennifer climbs off of soap box*


  1. He's gonna clean up tonight. Enjoy your sexy new president!! :')



  2. He sure did clean up! The electoral college numbers were outrageous! Haha on the sexy bit...oh, yeah he's the best lookin' one we've had since Kennedy...and that was almost 40 years ago! LOL

  3. Obama is amazing, he's got a certain something about him that just makes people eat from the palm of his hand. Change is gonna come.

    Over here in the UK, we've been glued to the whole election. We even had the election on all night last night, he swept up for real.


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