Weekend Jump-Off: Some Acid In This House...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Working for the weekend since Monday...

Yay! This is the first official Weekend Jump-Off and well, I've got some explaining to do about what exactly this post pertains to! The WJO is just basically some links to some interesting, sometimes outlandish music stories throughout the week as well as my little spill about the week, and of course a fun question for you guys to answer! With every blog I've had, I always like some interaction from the readers, so I appreciate those who comment. But to those lurkers, get with the Adventures and comment! Oh, and special shout-out to Adventures reader, Will W. for nominating the blog in the 2008 Weblog Awards! Be sure that if you like this blog mucho much, then nominate me (link in the right sidebar)! *channels Sally Field* "You like me, you really and truly like me?!" Ugh. Sometimes I can be so vain... :)

*I Question U*
(answer in comments)

In honor of me being unkind about Seal's soul covers album this week...
If you were to pull a Michael
and do an album of nothing but covers, who's
songs or what genre would you cover?
It can be anything, not just soul
music *wink*

*News Bites Reheated Leftovers*
*The World Music Awards is a puzzling affair with Akon nabbing the Internet Star of the Year (as well as in Africa?) and Kid Rock beating Michael Jackson out of a Male Pop Award??

*Keyshia Cole swears she's a 'different person' with a brand new album dropping this December. I swear I missed the memo that she even had a new album coming out....

*Rolling Stone's list the 100 Greatest Singers Of All-Time....feminists should get a rise at the lack of females in the Top 10 and Mariah Carey Lambs will spew venom at her number placement

*Excuse of the week....Janet Jackson claims the real reason that she departed from record label Def Jam was because they wanted her to sound like Sade...oh, Janet you jokester you!

*Drinking delusional juice...Kanye West spills that "Rihanna was the best thing that happened to Beyonce" and that he's the "voice of the generation" ....cue laughing track

*Soulja Boy retracts his statement about supporting the slave masters...he claims the questions asked during the interview "wasn't making no sense"...Hooked On Phonics doesn't work for him...

*In an attempt to get more street cred news...Beyonce was at a time confused about who she was, therefore Mama Knowles slapped her...she should slap her again for all this Sasha Fierce foolishness

*Biggie news of the week...A former American Idol season five contestant commits suicide in front of AI judge, Paula Abdul's home...wow that's terrible

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