Weekend Jump-Off: That Cat Has The Right Idea

Friday, November 21, 2008

Another week has rolled by and well I have to say, minus the fact I had to go to court (for an assignment...don't freak!), it was pretty darn good. Got a little libral in my Journalism class, got my car washed, Hugh Jackman was named sexiest man alive and heard Ladyhawke's "My Delirium" in Charlotte Russe...it was all good. Not to mention Soul Bounce put the blog on their 10 Soulful Things for this month...good week. I like weeks like this, no drama, nobody's screaming at anybody, teachers slack off...you know the holidays are around the corner, thus everyone becomes more gracious. So if you had a good week, or even a bad week, treat yourself, get a drink, buy the new releases coming out next Monday and Tuesday or get that fourth buttered roll at Thanksgiving, you deserve it!

You also deserve a heaping of "News Bites Reheated Leftovers"...

*TRL said 'bye bye bye' this past Sunday after 10 years on-air, a look back at why this era wasn't as bad as some thought it was...Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Bros. and all those new Disney twats have BIG shoes to fill...

*In "get a whiff of that" news...Mary J. Blige is set to release her own fragrance dubbed, "My Life" after her 1994 smash effort...typical title but maybe, What's The 411? and No More Drama fragrances are in the works?

*Oh, no!...The Roots get in a bus accident while touring in Europe and escape bodily damage, at the time drummer, ?uestlove wondered why he was being attacked by a coffee pot and was upside down...thank goodness they're alright!

*Watch out Hall & Oates will chew you up as they are suing over the sampling distribution of their hit, "Maneater" and a nameless singer is targeted...hmm, Nelly Furtado could it be you?

*Trooper you are...Janet Jackson is set to bring her RockWitChu Tour to Japan audiences next year...wave to Amerie while you're there

*Worst week ever award goes to...Prince gets sued and manages to piss off the gay community all in one week...

*For those who care, "I Question U" will be morphed into a post of it's own come next week :)

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