Wipe Off The Dust: Some Serious Girl Talkin'

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can we say caked with dust? Unless you are a real Prince enthusiast (I don't claim to be...but I know a little somethin' past "Purple Rain" *wink*) you probably can't recall who Andre Cymone is. Okay, maybe you Jody Watley fans know who I'm talking about as he was her main producer during her golden solo years (as well as her husband at one point). Still some forget that Andre Cymone was apart of Prince's very first band as well as a childhood friend. There is this smashing feature piece about the evolution of Prince and his gaggle of proteges from The Time to even Sue Ann Carwell (whom I will rave about later on, cause I love her so), but there's a bulk about the keyboardist
and his side projects. One of Andre's side projects was the girl group called uninspiringly, The Girls. They popped up to be sort of rivals against other protege girl groups such as Vanity 6 and The Mary Jane Girls. They only released one lone album, Girl Talk in 1983, and its INSANELY hard to get your paws on. I'm always fascinated by girl groups that possessed all the right moves, even the right producer, but just couldn't latch onto the listening public and disappeared as quickly as they came. So no doubt I was interested in The Girls. Their sound is electro-funk with a new wave mindset, but they also manage to bring on some soul...as well as the cheeky sex kitten behavior. I hear lots of potential, but maybe if they had picked a flashier name, they may not be long-lost dust ridden commodities. Are they better than Vanity 6? You can be the judge of that with the listen samples below....get your Swiffer Dusters ready to wipe the vinyl dust off...

Women & Men
Don't Waste Your Time
Someone Shoulda Told Me

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  1. hi!
    thought u might like to check out this little interview with Germain of The Girls :)


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