Adventures In 2008: Top 40 Songs (#19-11)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We are getting down to the wire folks! But before we get to the creamy nougat center of the Top 10, it's time to get through songs #19-11. These next couple of songs were some little prickers (you know the sticky thorn things in shrubs and bushes) as when I was compiling this list, they kept flopping back and forth from Top 10 to Top the songs you see before you in this set were thisclose to being in the top 10 but just missed it by a smidge. Yes, I'm serious about list making snuffle the laughter :) I'm literally in knots waiting for when I'll reveal the top 10...there might be some predictable ones (especially if you've been reading this blog for awhile)...and a few surprises. But for now enjoy #19-11!

19. Into The Nightlife-Cyndi Lauper: She still remains “so unusual” and that’s fine by me. This song just grabbed a hold of me at the collar and whipped me upside my head. This is a surefire techo pulse that is meant to make you into a dancing fool. I have a hard time believing that Cyndi Lauper is my Dad's age, can apply for AARP and that she expelled a tune so stone cold fierce that it makes other dance tunes sound like mere child's play...but she did and she did it well.

18. The Healer-Erykah Badu: What in high hell is this? That was my first reaction when I heard this, and in all honesty, I shouldn't been shocked because it is Eyrkah Badu, the woman with a 1,000 fresh ideas and namesakes (click link above). "The Healer" reminds me Weather Report meets well...Erykah Badu. It has a eerie African tribal chants in the background mixed with chimes and Erykah's cooing voice. It's beautifully odd and winds up being an ode about hip-hop music underneath it's inventive sound. Oh, Erykah how I adore thee.

17. Sex On Fire-Kings Of Leon: This is the type of song that is missing from the rock market. Just a grungy, sweaty, gutted guitar ode to afternoon/midnight delights. Probably not since Nine Inch Nails "Closer" have I been aroused by a rock song...Caleb Followill's voice helps just a tad though. This was another song that kind of crept up on me, thanks to friends (waves at KOL's biggest fan BFF Lindsay) and Fuse's odd desire to play it every time I turned on the TV on Saturday morning countdowns. Hot.

16. All I See-Kylie Minogue: Poor Kylie. America could not cut the Aussie pop Queen any slack and missed out on an opportunity to have a R&B jam that was meant for cool downs at the clubs. For shame. Filled with sincerity and a groovin’ back beat, “All I See” was a song that I was practically salivating to be a chart stomper...alas, my mouth is dry from the lackluster reception. Even the addition of rapper Mims (was Chamillionaire not available? Most random rapper...) on the remixed version didn't even squeak it into the Top 100. Still, I adore this song for it's simplistic soul and charm.

15. Popular/Count’s Coda-Van Hunt: As Van Hunt's Popular album didn't see the light of day this year, it still managed to be above and beyond expectations (more on that later). The core song that propels this funk n' soul man's third effort is the title track which truthfully and bittersweetly outlines why he's struggling as an artist in an mainstream/producer world. This is some sublime soul that is wonderfully crafted. My hat goes off to Van for being such a fine songwriter, he's so underrated it hurts. He's just another face in the crowd, fighting for a position in a sea of millions...aren't we all?

14. Shut Up & Let Me Go-The Ting Tings: I’m a downright bitch for the slapping bassline in this song. It literally hits you between the ears. True story, I was in Forever 21 with my mom, and well, she pretended I wasn’t her daughter for once in her life, because I literally made a fool of myself when this song came over the loudspeakers. Head banging, shopping bags as pom-poms...embarrassing. Still I don't care, this is pop perfection and its meant to bust a move to. The Ting Tings have some golden in their hands with this.

13. American Boy-Estelle ft. Kanye West: Estelle has had a great '08...even though she got some bad press for being catty with fellow British soulsters and for her record label making a stupid stance by taking her album off iTunes. Still she had one of the best songs this year and it smartly featured the lovable big swelled head person known as Kanye West. Vibrant synths and a grinding chorus that is hard not to escape your mind. This song will forever remind me of my time in San Francisco this past summer, not to mention, seeing Estelle in concert this year where she had some of the best rhinestone covered ankle length boots I ever did see...Estelle is just all around cool.

12. Many Moons-Janelle Monae: Fierce has a name and it is Janelle Monae. With a puffy coif and sharp little blazers, Janelle became one of my favorite people of 2008...and I haven't even gotten to the music yet. Bombastic operatic vocals, persistent percussion and a sound that is clearly part Star Wars film score part new wave skeedaddle and you've got "Many Moons". I'm expecting huger than huge things to happen for Janelle in 2009.

11. Dusk Till Dawn-Ladyhawke: I'll reserve my Ladyhawke gushing till I'll focus on this particular song as it was my favorite off the New Zealand native's debut. While it was overshadowed by the likes of "Back Of The Van" and "My Delirium", "Dusk Til Dawn" is everything I love about an 80's pop tune. It has that ABC or Eurythmics quality to it, with it's icy synths and grooving bassline not to mention a catchy chorus that beats out proud and strong. It's a song that clearly shows Ladyhawke at her best 80's synth revival moment.

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