Adventures In 2008: Top 40 Songs (#29-20)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We continue the Top 40 Song of 2008 with numbers 29 through 20...and boy oh, boy the list geek in me has reared its ugly head because I'm having way too much fun doing this (Christmas break in a small Texas town proves to be sooo boring)...hope you guys are enjoying the lists and if you want to agree/disagree or just talk about this list (or make your own) then simply answer in comments...the comments section has been lonely and it needs some words of wisdom to get through to 2009! Onward with the Top 40 Songs of 2008 countdown!

29. Joy Ride-The Killers: Sure “Human” was a track to adore on The Killers third outing, Day & Age, but call me a little out of the box, as I latched onto the rousing “Joy Ride” instead. Low brow hard rockers need not sponge up the Blondie “Rapture”-esque groove fest that shows lead singer, Brandon Flowers, actually having a good old Calypso time. I can imagine him singing this in a white tux with a red rose in his lapel…and eyeliner. What’s even better is that the song has got a sax solo…"Club Tropicana" anyone?

28. Black Rose-Hil St. Soul: Maybe Estelle should’ve listened to this song before she lashed out at Adele and Duffy this year, to know that fellow UK soul soldiers, Hil St. Soul were on her side. "Black Rose" eloquently and poignantly disguises itself as a track that seems to be a simple "keep ya head to the sky" type of track...but really it's about the music industry's usual gig to ignore some singers and promote others...ooh how true. I love the honesty in this, not to mention the laid-back wine glass in hand groove it has going on.

27. Kill Joy-N.E.R.D.: I always root for the underdog (Pushing Daises, Vin Diesel, bad 80’s romantic comedies et. al) as it seemed that there was no physical love for "Kill Joy". Sure there were some other great gems on the trio's Seeing Sounds, but we'll get to that later. I was glued to this song in the summer of '08 with its jumble of guitar and percussion and super-de-duper fast lyrical spit from Senor Pharrell. The song feels like your caught in a whizzing pinball machine and the clunky sounds just envelope you making you want to shake and twist about. More songs these days should do that...

26. Spotlight-Jennifer Hudson: Aside from the tragic 2008 that Jennifer Hudson endured, the former American Idol finalist and Oscar winner unleashed a stunning first single that kind of took me by surprise. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much...I thought "Oh, it's going to be "And I'm Telling You" redux". Well, I bit my tongue and got engrossed in this wonderfully arranged track. Everything about this song is perfect, from the instrumentation, to the lyrics and the way Jennifer handles her voice with poise. A very classy R&B ballad. Don't Jennifer's just rule? *wink*

25. You Are The Best Thing-Ray LaMontague: It's funny, some songs you hear the opening chords and just two words, and bam! you are in a committed relationship with the song. This was the case with Ray LaMontague's summer cookout ready single. As I mentioned in a post earlier, that my BFF Brittany got me hooked on this song...and I remember when she directed me to his MySpace page and I heard the song and after two seconds I was like, "I like, I really like this". This is some serious groovin' soul that will stay with you for days.

24. Slow Motion-Karina Pasian: As far as young talent goes, we’ve seen better (are people really serious with Miley Cyrus???) but we also tend to skip over the plainly young and gifted…this is where Karina Pasian comes in. She’s like a mini-Alicia Keys as she bangs on the ivories and writes her own material…not to mention has a voice that could squash all those little Disney twats in 10 seconds flat. “Slow Motion” is a song that made my jaw drop…this girl is 16 sings this song with such passion! This song is quite the beauty with it's simple piano backdrop. Think of it as the 21st century's "Let's Wait Awhile" as the ode for easing into the relationship process. And who says you can't take an advice from a teenager?

23. Mercy-Duffy: You heard this song in the grocery store, on lotion commercials and probably in your head in the deep dark hours of the night. It was this song that made a name for Welsh vocalist, Duffy and in 2008 it was HARD to escape. Pitch perfect in it's delivery as it recalls what was so great about the 60's British soul era and singers like Dusty Springfield and Lulu. The bass line is thick, Duffy's vocals ooze out like wild honey and's just a hell of a great song, enuff said!

22. The World Should Revolve Around Me-Little Jackie: My my my…if narcissism had a theme song, it’d be this. Imani Coppola and Adam Pallin craft the ultimate vanity song that is brimming with jubilant hip-hop fevor, brassy horns and classic soul strings. Ths song is just fun with a capital "F" and its a real damning shame that Little Jackie got a paycheck to use it on that horrid little show called New York Goes To Hollywood. Still, it didn't take long for me to start singing this song loudly in my down. Let them stare because hell, the world should revolve around me. Oh, dear, seems like this song does rub off on ya...

21. Guilty As Charged-Gym Class Heroes ft. Estelle: When a song begins with a blast ya out of ya seat horns, you know that the song is gonna be epic. Gym Class Heroes kinda sorta went the eclectic route this year with The Quilt but the real shining star is this little firecracker right here. Estelle (my belle) joins the boys on a rousing number that to my ears, is one of the best mainstream ready songs the boys have ever done. Shame it barely cracked on the's infectious, loud and just a downright blast.

20. Love That Girl–Raphael Saddiq: I was practically raised on a diet of Motown (thanks Dad) therefore I will be forever enamored with the current 60's soul revival sound that literally invaded 2008. My boy, Rapahel dedicated his current, The Way I See It to the classic sound, and literally makes the sound his own. While there were other nostalgic delights to take in, I had to stick with the album's first single which clearly shows Raphael in Marvin Gaye's shoes, finger snapping all the way through this sweet tune.

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  1. LOL @ the phase "Disney Twats".

    I have offically adopted it into my everyday lingo to replace the word bitch, as that word disparages women everywhere.

    By saying your newfound creation, I'm only slighting Miley Cyrus and her Tween fembots (And quite possibly Raven Simone, but that's not really here nor there).

    And Thanks for turning me on to that Teen Wonder. That should be her superhero name.


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