Adventures In 2008: Top 40 Songs (#40-30)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yes, it's that time again. Time for yet another obligatory end-of-the-year wrap-up of all that was grand in the year of 2008. All the blogs and "elite" music sites and publications are doing it, so why can't I? Thus, I folded into peer pressure and decided to compile a list of my 40 favorite songs and albums from the year and the reasons why I chose them. These are honest lists and since I love a shameless list...I had a whole lotta fun compiling them!

The Top 40 Songs of this year were songs that I personally couldn't keep off of rotation...whether they were officially released as singles or were songs featured on their prospective albums that didn't get a proper release. I had a hard time whittling the list down to 40...but I managed to do so, so toss me a Milky Way Dark bar for all my hard work! So if you haven't heard of something...just click on the name and have a listen, you might be surprised at what you missed!

40. I’m Not Going To Teach Your Boyfriend To Dance With You-Black Kids: Florida’s own the Black Kids manage to bring back that early 80’s Valley Girl sound with this infectious guitar and shout-a-thon number. From their 2008 release, Partie Traumatic, the Black Kids definitely started the party off right with this number about sweeping a girl off of her feet...and getting rid of that louse of a boyfriend she has. Fun is to be had when pumping this.

39. You’re Gonna Miss-Ashanti: Shock! Awe! Ashanti on an top list from me? Yep-a-rooney. I was never much of an Ashanti fan, but I gave her The Declaration a whirl and I was pleasantly surprised at how solid it was, and how much I loved this song. The perky synths and hand-clapping beat keep the song chugging and it's perfect for being a dancing fool too. Maybe Ashanti cutting the cord from former label, Murder Inc. proved to be the smartest decision of '08.

38. Piece Of Your Heart-Natasha Bedingfield: While people were preoccupied with Natasha’s “Pocketful Of Sunshine”, I was having fun with “Piece of My Heart”. I personally wanted this to be released as a single, but I guess milking “POS” for all it’s worth is much more important. On “Piece Of Your Heart” Natasha wails over a driving rock steady beat with a backing piano and shimmering synths. I like Natasha when she gets in her tuff “I’m Every Woman” stance and this song perfectly shows that. You can just feel her grab a guy by the throat and demand some love and affection. Feisty!

37. Stamp Your Feet-Donna Summer: The Queen of Disco is back, and though her Crayons album was like getting a 64 Crayola Big Box without a built-in sharpener, this electro-shock of a dance number stood out as the best song. It recalls everything that you secretly loved about high school football games…like funnel cakes. It has a great pounding chorus that is cheerleader worthy and has that spunk and hi-NRG charged boom that makes it surprisingly rank alongside Donna's disco classics. Pom-Poms are sold seperately...but you will need them with this.

36. Beautiful U R-Deborah Cox: Deborah should get a cookie for being the oh so positive diva of the year. With her first single off of her newbie album, The Promise, Deborah gives us all that warm and fuzzy feeling by unleashing a simply grooving mid-tempo that gives us all reasons to grin when we see ourselves in the mirror.

35. Right On Time-Conya Doss: A skittish percussion beat is always good inkling that a song is going to be off the wall amazing. Well, for me at least. Miss Doss melds a 70’s jazz fusion vocal into an up-tempo UK Garage drum beat and engages from the first sound of her honey thick vocal tone. Call me unimaginative, but this song is hits the right chords and is well...right on time.

34. Magic-Robin Thicke: Excuse the Mary J. Blige version and focus on Robin by himself. Robin must’ve been mesmerized by re-runs of Soul Train, Curtis Mayfield's "Move On Up" or the band MSFB for this song just explodes all over the place with those 70’s relics. Blasting horns, soaring strings and persistent bongos drape this song in its entire funky splendor. And people thought Robin was a softie pants after “Lost Without You”. Pfft!

33. Violet Hill-Coldplay: Yes, “Viva La Vida” is good…but it’s a done and cooked turkey. Now on the other spectrum, “Violet Hill” shows vocalist Chris Martin in his most brooding and exposed moment. Pounding pianos, grinding's the perfect foundation for one sweat n' grit rock track.

32. Rising Up-The Roots (ft. Wade and Chrisette Michele): Seeing The Roots live this year was pretty riveting. Considering that I was thisclose to the stage and ?uestlove threw signed drumsticks out to the audience and managed to get one of the sticks lodged up in the venue’s ceiling…good times. “Rising Up” was the opener and though Chrisette Michele and Wade weren’t on hand, the song still radiated and enchanted. Off of The Roots highly ignored, Rising Down, “Rising Up” has some fun twists of word play and a mesmerizing backbeat that feels dipped into a 70’s Roy Ayers vat. Oh, yeah, I’m so committed to this song.

31. Love Action-Chante Moore: Blinked this year and you missed Chante Moore coming back to her old sensual ballads self on Love The Woman. While the album isn’t the 1994 classic touch of A Love Supreme, it was a strong reminder that Chante hasn’t lost her sensual touch. “Love Action” stood out to me as a track that didn’t need all the vocal gymnastics and balladry gimmicks. Simple and smooth like a milkshake and as it's bonus it makes you feel like you're literally floating on a cloud. Doesn't get any better than that!

30. Hometown Glory-Adele: Okay, “Chasing Pavements” is good, but I think “Hometown Glory” fully displays Adele’s ability to engage an audience with her vocals. This is so stripped to the bone that there isn’t any marrow left, just pure and beautifully raw emotion. Adele expresses her love for her hometown (London) in ways that I could never say about my own hometown plus sings it in ways we all wish we could. As I'm miles and counties away from where I grew up, this song really resonates with me.

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  1. brilliant, as usual.... I have been telling people about hometown glory for a long while now... I actually sampled that as well.... but keep the goodness coming, ma'am....


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