Album Watch: Estelle To Adele...Let's Duet

Friday, December 12, 2008

It's not even 2009 and yet some artists are already cooking up fresh entries for next year. UK soul sista, Estelle is one such artist who has been buzzing about her resolutions for the new year and they include a new album and a possible collaboration with fellow Britster Adele. Migosh! So does this mean that Estelle is burying the hatchet with Adele, after she said all those icky things this year about her and how "blue-eyed soul" artists were getting more credit than Black soul artists? Who knows but Estelle is gun-ho on doing a track with Adele, who is also hard at work herself on her follow-up to debut album, 19. Estelle mentioned that for her third installment, she's going a little "left-field" and blending in the ideals of Coldplay and Marvin Gaye for a surprising new project. Oooh sounds inticing...can't wait for Estelle and Adele's (hey! that rhymes...) new projects and especially to hear them duet together...wonder what the track will sound like? "Black Or White 2009"???


  1. That would def be something to listen to at least.

    For Estelle to do something "different"...isn't this whole album different? Because as far as I was aware, she used to be a rapper! Right?

  2. What? I don't believe I'm reading this! It wasn't v. nice of her to call out Duffy and Adele like that. I'm sorry, but I know true R&B/Soulheads and they are feeling Duffy regardless of the colour of her eyes/hair.



  3. Mel, she's probably going into a more Coldplay/Radiohead direction, like every R&B artist claims to want to do, LOL

    I agree, Will, it was catty of Estelle. I saw her live and homegirl does not have a censor! LOL She says what's on her mind, and I find that insanely cool, so I know she meant what she said, and she's probably eating crow right now for those comments. Like Daryl Hall said, 'the term blue-eyed soul is dead' and I fully I'm glad Estelle is going to duet with Adele to show that she's not a total whiner


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