Album Watch: Marsha Is 'Yours Truly'

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My question concerning former Floetry member, Marsha Ambrosius is why hasn't she had a proper album? I know it's the recession and all and her last mixtape, Neo Soul Is Dead, was kind of a drag, but damn, can't sista get an official on the shelf album so we (bloggers and fans) don't have to spend time gathering up all the leaked unreleased material? Call me Impatient Isabelle, but jeez...I'd like to save time and not see talent wasted, ya know? Anyways enough of that rant...Marsha has yet another mixtape in the works (sigh) and from the sound of things, it's pretty darn groovin'. Not one but three songs have come to my attention from the upcoming Yours Truly project and though I might be on the lateness, catching up is fun. Marsha gives a stirring performance on "R.I.P. (It's Over)" and I'm feeling the infectious snark of "Dat Shit", even though the lyrics aren't my cup o' tea. The fusing of Phonte on "Sunshine" is the creme de la creme, as the song just glides along in head bobbing R&B bliss. What's really divine is Yours Truly will be making an appearance in 2009, and produced by Marsha's new recording home, Aftermath and was compiled by Don Cannon...can't wait to hear the full project!

R.I.P (It's Over)

Dat Shit (ft. Busta Rhymes)

Sunshine (ft. Phonte of Little Brother)


  1. I digg this immensely... I really like what she's been doing for the aftermath camp as of late (especially on busta's first aftermath release), but this mixtape surely deserves a listen. And the Phonte collab seal the deal for me (he is THAT dude).... thanks for putting me up on game, and thanks for a spot-on blog....

  2. Thanks GeOh, and yes, I dig Marsha...I'm just greedy as I hope a real live album comes out but the stuff she is doing with Aftermath is grand, and I'm loving that "Sunshine" joint as well


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