Album Watch: Syleena's 'Labor Pains' To Be Out Before Year's End

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas is about to get even more merrier as neo-soul artist, Syleena Johnson ups the release date of new album, Chapter 4: Labor Pains. The singer's follow-up to 2005's Chapter 3: The Flesh, was rumored to not see the light of day till 2009, but a change of heart has occurred as the new album will hit digital outlets this December 23rd...just in time to beg ask someone for an iTunes card as a stocking stuffer. Two songs from the effort, "Shoo Fly" and "It Is True" have made the rounds and have once again proven that Syleena is one artist that needs to be in your collection (that is if you have slept on her all these years!). I'm anticipating this...especially after seeing the tracklisting. She's got a song on the album called, "Maury Povich"...hmm, this song has to be about paternity tests...Chapter 4 will still be released on CD format come January 13, 2009, but it's kind of nice that we'll hear the album before it's original due date.


  1. I can't wait. I hear this album is going to be awesome!

  2. I already pre-ordered Chapter 4: Labor Pains from! I can't wait to hear it...Syleena is truly R&B's best kept secret!

  3. Already pre-ordered it, but I will be getting the digital release. The tracklisting is very intriguing. Maury Povich?...You are the father...LOL


  5. This album is going to be hot, Syleena Johnson is an artist that always delivers.

    The physical release of the album is said to be in January or something, which is great. I will have the interview that I mentioned to post next month as well to coincide with the release.

    This album is going to be amazing.

  6. Wowza, lots of you guys are on Syleena's bandwagon, that is fab! This was one of the albums I was waiting for this year...and Blacmajic, that tracklisting IS intriguing! Woosh, I'm anticipating that interview as well!


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