Artist Watch: Meet The Booming Anjulie

Monday, December 29, 2008

Now that 2009 is inching closer and closer, it's time to find some new kids on the block to worship and download mp3's like crazy over. One such new kid I'm keeping my ears open for is Toronto native, Anjulie. If you've been missing the earthy trip-hop meets funky pop sounds of Nelly Furtado, you'll be jumping for joyous rapture as you'll gobble up the musical goodness Anjulie places on the table. Her Boom EP has been making the rounds and has been getting things warmed up for her debut album, which will be hitting shelves in Spring of 2009. Her songs "Boom" and "Love Songs" (not to be confused plurally with that Sara Bareilles hit) have made quite an impression on me, considering that the songs are crisp and funky, and not your run of the mill pop. I'm truly digging on "Love Songs" as it's got this doo-wop malt shop piano thing going on. Oh, and Anjulie counts Prince, Janet Jackson, Neneh Cherry and Annie Lennox as some of her she'll fit right into my audio adventures! Take a listen at two choice tracks from Anjulie to get a feel.


Love Songs


  1. Good Jesus, you just made my day... I wake up and check my blogroll and see that you posted the most recent, and check it. And F*cking shazamm; yet another amazing artist you turn me onto.... I must say, compared to you, I must not have my finger on the pulse of the hottest music as I formerly thought.... needless to say, I am featuring Love Song on my next post thanks to you... Kudos, and thank you!!!

  2. Great list, darling! Actually re: The Saturdays I believe it's "slap you or kiss you"! :p



  3. Good call. She's an interesting one to watch. I love "Boom" and "The Heat" is pretty good too. I can't even come up with the artist she reminds me of...but its in the back of my mind somewhere. When I think of it, I'll let you know.


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