Can You Dig It!!?...Erm No

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh...dear, this is tragically entertaining. If you've never seen the 1980 cult classic, The Warriors, then you might not understand this vid, hell I don't understand it and I've seen the movie multiple times but Lady Sovereign makes an awesomely bad video that it wasn't going to slip out of my leering side eyes. With folks either rolling their eyes or loving the trashy new single, "I Got You Dancing" from the British rap tart, the Lady S is serious about serving up the crazies for 2009. And she's succeeding as the new video for her track dropped yesterday in all of its cheap college project video glory. This is cheap and there is barely any sort of synchronized dancing to justify the song (or maybe this Lady S's tongue in cheek way of making fun of dance videos?) but I find it quite fetching that she based this around The Warriors...because I thought Fall Out Boy or Gym Class Heroes would've gotten to making a video around this movie's concept a long time ago, since they always tend to be 80's nostalgic and "emo hipster" with their music video concepts. Well, kudos to Lady S for beating them to the punch.


  1. I find this video completely nonsensical. Maybe I should watch that "The Warriors". Is it weird that the green face paint and crazy faces reminded me of Jim Carrey in "The Mask"?

    I'm just glad that she's still around, and hopefully this time she'll release more than just one successful single. The more I hear this song, the more I love it's goofy cheesy amazingness.

  2. I agree, this song is insanely catchy and YES you should watch 'The Warriors'...especially before they do a remake of it in 2010 (YIKES!)...I don't know if you're into left field type films but it's a movie about a gang and how they get framed for killing off a big time gang leader and on the same night they are trying to get back to their turf safetly, but of course they run into problems and rival gangs...I like those kind of movies where all the events happen in one day or one night, I'm bizarre LOL


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