First Impressions: Lookie Who's Back!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where in hell has Lady Sovereign been? Sheez...she came out my freshman year in college...yipers! Well, during her absence the British pop-rapper must have been chopping off that annoying side ponytail and has recently emerged with a talk box ('s auto-tune, but work with me) and a pop-dance song in tow. Maybe she figured since Lady Gaga and Ladyhawke were moving in on her "Lady" tag turf that she had to jump in and get down to bizness. Her new track, "I Got You Dancing" started off quite trite to me, but I found myself enjoying myself part-way that bad? fact scarily sounds like Lady Gaga...but rougher and more like "If you don't dance, I'll beat the crap out of you!"...yes, ma'am, I'm dancing! This is really bizarre because my BFF Brittany mentioned her yesterday out of the blue...shit, she must be psychic. Enjoy the track and if you're interested, Lady S's new album, Jigsaw will be released next year.


  1. Urgh!! I don't reckon much to this song at all, mind you I'm not a fan of this artist.

    If you need a decent British artist, try Shystie. Now, she is awesome!! She's been noted as one of the fastest MC's in British music, she's great and her album should be dropping next year apparently.

  2. LOL, I have a feeling the song won't get anywhere, considering alot of people forgot about her...but it's catchy and it was a fun little study break...Lord knows I need some sort of diverence from American Legal Systems notes even if it's Lady Soveriegn....BLAH

    I've heard of Shystie, she's pretty cool and yes, she is damn fast, I haven't looked into her lately, any updates?

  3. Haha that's right! I AM psychic! Dang your blog is fantastic! Any luck with the webblog awards! If not, they can SUCK it!

    How's the Ray LaMontagne hunt going? I'm making you a KOL mix right now, I should be studying but I am completely unmotivated to to do so. Can't wait for Thursday! Hugh Jackman=YUMMY! <3

  4. LOL!! I'm just not a fan of this girl, she's a bit irritating.

    Yeah, she has a new video and a few songs have surfaced. 'New Style' is dope!! I posted the video to it on my site, if you want to see it. I posted a tune of hers a few weeks back as well. Her myspace page has all of the updates and stuff on at


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